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By Kai-Lee A. Klymchuk, Mary Cooper, Lynne Melcombe & Joan Braun, (2000)

1. Introduction
2. What Do We Mean By Family Violence?
3. How Common Is Violence In The Family?
4. Familial Homicide
5. Criminal Harassment (Stalking)
6. Effects Of Family Violence
7. Is All Family Violence Criminal Behavior?
8. Application Of Civil And Legal Remedies
9. What Services Are Available In BC?
10. References
11. Resources


The BC Institute Against Family Violence was established in 1989 as a private, non-profit organization. The primary goal of the Institute is to work to eliminate family violence by (a) increasing public awareness and understanding of family violence through education and dissemination of information, (b) providing continuing education for professionals, (c) planning, initiating and conducting research, (d) assisting community organizations to plan, develop, provide and evaluate services, (e) developing and distributing information and resources to organizations with similar goals, and (f) assisting organizations to develop policies related to all aspects of family violence. The Institute works to facilitate and coordinate interaction among various community, university and government agencies.

This overview is intended to provide general information in areas that fall within our accepted definition of family violence, which is presented below. Our review includes discussion of the reported recent prevalence on both a national, and where possible, local level, of violence in the lives of men and women in intimate relationships, children, youth, people with disabilities and older adults. Theories and explanations for violence are not featured in this overview; instead, we make an attempt to present a variety of research findings together with the sources of this information in order to allow the reader to come to his or her own conclusions.

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