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February 18, 2003 Media Release: The BCIFV Introduces Life in the Family: A Resource to Help ESL Teachers Help Newcomer Parents Adjust to Child Rearing in Canada.

December 4, 2002 Media Release: The Firearms Act - A Critical Tool for Preventing Violence.

October 7, 2002 Opinion: The Speech From the Throne: Family Violence Must Be Recognized.

June 24, 2002 Media Release: BC Government Cuts Hurt Victims of Violence Against Women.

June 13, 2002 Opinion - Ageism: No better word for the way the BC government treats older persons.

May 22, 2002 Letter to the Editor Re: 'Guns in the Family' by Adel Weder, Saturday, May 11 2002.

May 8, 2002 Planned VSB Cutbacks to Special Needs Kids Will Make Segregation Inevitable: That is a form of emotional abuse, says IFV Director

May 7, 2002 Amendments to Legal Services Society Act Will Hurt Women and Children Fleeing Family Violence

May 6, 2002 Letter to the Editor

May 2, 2002 Bullying: A Unique Problem Calling for Unique Solutions

April 12, 2002 BC Institute Against Family Violence Blasts Alliance MP For Comments

March 4, 2002 BC Government to Pocket, Not Spend, Funds It Receives to Pay for Legal Aid

February 7, 2002 New BCIFV Video Coincides With Ontario Court of Appeal Decision on Section 43

January 24, 2002 Opinion: Government Cuts Will Increase Cost of Family Violence

January 23, 2002 Government Cuts Will Increase Cost of Family Violence

December 20, 2001 Problems with Proposed Amendments to Divorce Act, Part VII: What Doesn't Protect Women and Children - and What Does

December 17, 2001 Problems with Proposed Amendments to Divorce Act, Part VI: Supervised Visits Can Perpetuate the Violence

December 10, 2001 Problems with Proposed Amendments to Divorce Act, Part V: Apprehending Children can do More Harm than Good

December 3, 2001 Problems with Proposed Amendments to Divorce Act, Part IV: Caught in the Crossfire Between Civil and Criminal Law

November 29, 2001 Violent Video Games Require Regulation

October 30, 2001 Problems with Proposed Amendments to Divorce Act, Part III: What happens when moms and kids flee violence?

October 22, 2001 Problems with Proposed Amendments to Divorce Act, Part II: The Impact of Family Violence on Children

October 1, 2001 Research institute launches media campaign on family violence in custody and access

June 21, 2001 Children of Hare Krishna provide a lesson for all parents

April 18, 2001 New International Organization Will Fill Significant Gap - Vancouver-based BCIFV will co-sponsor founding conference and pilot International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services through its launch phase

April 5, 2001 To reduce number of kids on city streets we must increase community services to youth and families

April 3, 2001 Restoring Balance: Freedom is a paradox; liberty has limits

March 27, 2001 Lesson to be learned from mother who killed her child

March 7, 2001 Investing in early childhood is wise: but eliminating programs for older kids and parents is just throwing out the baby with the bathwater

February 13, 2001 Love, High Blood Pressure and Family Violence

January 25, 2001 Sympathy for Latimer Misplaced

December 5, 2000 Bullying: The time has come to see bullying as the serious problem it is

November 8, 2000 November 20th is National Child's Day - professional and community groups can honour an overlooked group of Canadian children by scheduling a screening and workshop of The Person Within

October 27, 2000 Letter to the Editor - Gun Control Legislation

August 9, 2000 Child Safety Experts and Gun Control Advocates Oppose Hunting Days for Kids

August 8, 2000 Letter to the Editor - Waterfowler Heritage Days - Children and Hunting

July 13, 2000 Video Game Violence: Anti-Violence Group Praises Attorney General

July 11, 2000 Disabled-Child Group Joins Chorus of Voices Calling for Repeal of Section 43

July 7, 2000 Family Violence Research Institute Advocates Appeal of Corporal Punishment Decision

June 26, 2000 The price of entertainment violence

June 23, 2000 Ontario murder-suicide tragic but preventable - But to be effective prevention must begin long before restraining orders become necessary

June 18, 2000 Lawsuit Highlights Ignorance of Rights of People with Disabilities - 'The Person Within' enhances understanding of rights and needs of children with disabilities

June 17, 2000 Should Bastarache recuse himself from Latimer appeal?

June 16, 2000 Glenn Gould Discovery Could Change Attitudes...And 'The Person Within' Could Too

May 23, 2000 D-Day Anniversary Gives Pause For Reflection

May 1, 2000 Preventing Family Violence Through Early Intervention: A Priceless Legacy for Future Generations

April 28, 2000 Making the Link

April 17, 2000 Spring Brings Opportunities for Growth

April 7, 2000 Ground-breaking Project Wins International Award

April 1, 2000 Workshop on Abuse of Children with Disabilities Has Broad Implications, Says Special-Ed Pioneer

March 2, 2000 Shooting Underlines Need for Gun Control

March 1, 2000 Durrach Case Raises Separate But Related Issue

February 28, 2000 Families of Children with Disabilities Bring Attention to Children's Unmet Needs

February 15, 2000 Pioneer in Education of Children with Disabilities to Speak on Abuse of Children with Disabilities in Nazi Germany and 21st Century Canada

February 2, 2000 Could Starbucks Tragedy Have Been Prevented?

January 26, 2000 Parents Kill Kids More Often Than We Care to Know