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Victim Assistance Programs and Services
Volume 4 Issue 1 Winter 1995

International Perspectives on Family Violence
Volume 4 Issue 4 Fall 1995

Joint Issue With C.E.A.S.
(B.C. Coalition to Eliminate Abuse of Seniors)
Volume 4 Issue 3 Summer 1995

From the Editor  This issue of the BCIFV Newsletter is dedicated to runaways and street kids in their search for identity and purpose. Interviews and articles from service providers are interspersed with poetry from street youth.

Most often today we hear about youth gangs, crime and the shortcomings of the Young Offenders Act. But kids on the street form a separate and misunderstood segment of youth today.

All too often street youth fear accessing the helping services, because they have learned that our laws are written for adults. The service providers who work with these youth, some of whom contributed articles for this newsletter, work strenuously to reach out to these kids past the barriers of patriarchal systems.

Youth on the street deserve our protection from pedophilic adults who buy their bodies and those who sell them drugs. It's time our society demanded the prosecution and treatment of abusing adults and more resources for vulnerable youth.

Barbara Sherman


Teenagers and Children Who Live on the Street
Volume 4 Issue 2 Spring 1995