Abuse In Same-Sex Relationships

Responding As A Community

Stopping same-sex partner abuse requires a unified community response. Here are some ideas...

Talk openly about abuse in same-sex relationships

If someone you know is being abused:

If someone you know is being abusive, challenge her/his behavior & help find information & resources to change.

Abuse happens in all our communities.

Don’t support harmful stereotypes that say some communities are more likely to have violent relationships. For example, people of colour; Aboriginal people; ‘the bar crowd’; s/m community; butch/femme couples; trans & bisexual communities.

Join organizations such as The Network Against Abuse in Same Sex Relationships to help stop the violence.

What is an abusive relationship?

Abuse and battering are words that describe a pattern of behaviours used to intimidate, isolate, dominate and maintain power and control over someone without their consent.

It can feel confusing. In some cases, there may be an on-going pattern of abuse. In other cases, abuse may happen less often.

Abuse may take many forms and can be physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, spiritual and/or financial.

Abuse in same-sex relationships is a serious problem within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and two-spirit communities.

Same-sex partner abuse is often ignored, minimized or misunderstood by families, friends, communities and services providers, but it is a reality.

If you think you are being abused, remember, you are not alone. Trust your feelings.

Examples of abusive behaviours


What can I do if I’m in an abusive same-sex relationship?

*Remember, abuse is against the law.

You have legal rights to protection. If these rights are violated or ignored by the police due to homo/bi/trans-phobia, racism &/or classism, find an advocate to help get what you need.

Community Resources

For information & support, contact the following community resources:

Safe Choices
Counselling, advocacy, support groups for lesbians, bi & trans women/abuse in queer relationshsips. (604) 739-6011

Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS
One-to-one support for Asian & South Asian people. (604) 669-5567

Battered Women’s Support Services
Crisis support, counselling, advocacy, legal information. (604) 687-1867

Multicultural Family Support Services
Counselling, advocacy, support for immigrant & women of colour. (604) 436-1025

Prideline (The Centre)
Information, referrals, and peer support for LGTB people. Call (604) 684-6869 or 1-800-566-1170 (www.lgtbcentrevancouver.com)

Sexual Assault Services (Vancouver General Hospital Emergency). 24-hr care & treatment for victims of sexual assault. (604) 875-4995

Urban Native Youth: Two-Spirit Youth Program. One-to-one support. (604) 254-7732

Vancouver Family Services: LGTB Service Options. Counselling for LGTB people.
Fee: sliding scale. (604) 731-4952

Women Against Violence Against Women. Crisis support, counselling, advocacy, legal information. (604) 255-6344

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The Network Against Abuse

in Same-Sex Relationships

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